great cycling holidays on road or off


The Post-Ride Recovery Should Be As Good As The On-Bike Experience.

Cool Sierras is a hotel based operation. We operate from Cazorlas best hotel, which provides many great facilities for the cyclist: external swimming pool in the season, plenty of rest and relaxation areas with bar and cafeteria, communal TV room, a small but well equipped gym, and for an additional fee, a quality thermal hydro spa with saunas, massage pools and jacuzzis.


Rooms are either 3* or 4*, but both standards share the same communal areas and services, so regardless of which rate you pay, you get the same stuff outside your room. 3* rooms are a little smaller, a little less "polished" and may lack a terrace or maybe dont have a glorious vista. All 4* have private terrace with vistas across the olive groves. For an extra fee, 4* rooms have an option to have a private hot tub on your balcony.

Free wifi is available throughout the hotel, but as this is rural Spain, dont expect to stream Transformers or access Netflix, and in-room reception can be temperamental.

The staff are welcoming, dedicated, attentive and willing to help, and the food is traditional local fare made from locally sourced products. Vegetarianism is a relatively new concept, especially in a town that prides itself on its traditional dishes of game, however sea food dishes are always good too. If you're not into fish, foul or other fauna alas the variety of dishes will be limited.

English is not spoken this far out, although some staff may have a grasp, do not expect staff to speak English. This is not the coast where English are everywhere. This is rural, "unspoiled", real Spain. Whilst tourism is seen as a new industry bringing much needed life and finances, catering for "non-Spanish" tourism is still a bit unique, so patience and tolerance with the staff please.


Great cycling holidays, on road or off

Journey through Spains greatest natural park.