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Answers to some of your questions.

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  • Full Suspension or Hardtail?

    The terrain lends itself to light, quality, full suspension.  However, light hard tails have their advantages.   There will be times when the bike needs to be slung over your shoulder, full-sus makes that difficult.  Full-sus has more to go wrong, and the last thing you want in the wilderness is a mechanical that you cant fix. We highly recommend Scott - Spark or Scale.

  • What Gears Do You Suggest? (Road)

    We ride 53x39 and 12x27.  People have been with compacts, and 29 at the back.  To be fair, we´ve not noticed a vast difference in performance.  This is not flat country, you will do lots of climbing, but nothing that vertical you need to overly worry about gearing.  We dont race up the climbs, we "enjoy" them.  (obviously, not while actually doing them, the enjoyment comes after...)

  • Will I Be Fit Enough?  Is This For Me?

    Setting expectations is vital to enjoying your cycling break.  We´ve tried to capture what kind of riding to expect here and whether you´ll enjoy it or not here   You can also check out our videos for some POV footgae of some of the trails.

  • What Kind of Tyres Do You Suggest? (MTB)

    Type of tyre is far less important than having "Stans" in your tyres. (other liquid sealants are available!)  Riding our here without some form of sealant is just crazy.  The rocks are sharp as flints, the thorns like nails.  Dont have super-thin sidewalls.  We use Maxxis Tyres. 

  • What Kind of Tyres Do You Suggest? (Road)

    It Depends!  Firstly, we´re not racing, we´re training and enjoying.  Thin walls and super slicks are not necessary.  The road surfaces vary from "perfect" to "you´re kidding!?"  And like most bell curves the vast majority of riding is somewhere in the middle. Roads less travelled can be frost shattered and weathered, so will have grit and debris, with occasional pot holes, so pretty much like UK surfaces!  We use Michelin or Vittorias, but really, any decent tyre is fine.

  • Do You Have a Coaching Service?

    No.  We are not coaches.  If you have a specific training schedule or requirement, let us know and we will cater the routes accordingly, long slow, short fast, climbing, flat, sprints.  Tell us and we´ll try our best to ensure the routes allow you to meet your training needs.

  • Do You Do Bespoke Tours?

    Yes, just let us know what you want, and we´ll arrange it.

  • Do You Hire Bikes?


    However, we only have access to a limited stock.  Costs are 30e a day.  If you want a hire bike, we'll send a you a fit sheet.   The bikes are not ours but we work with a reputable supplier.  MTB (29) and Road Bikes 

    Whilst we hire bikes, we still highly recommend bringing your own bike.  The tours are long and taxing and are best done on a bike that you know and fits you well.

    Despite using a fit sheet, the geometry can still create stresses on your body if its not used to the riding position.

  • How Many Meals Are Provided?

    Breakfast is included in the price of your ticket.  No other meals or drinks are provided as standard although Half-Board (breakfast and evening meal) is an option.  if you prefer half-board, let us know and we´ll inform you of the additional uplift to the standard price.

    We highly recommend using the many restaurants and bars in the local town of Cazorla.  We strongly believe that your experienced will be enhanced by exploring beyond the walls of the Hotel and Cazorla has many delights from which to choose.

    Mid-ride stops are usually at a convenient location for the day and you pay for your own food and drinks at these stops.

     The town has no specialist cycling outlets.  If you have your favourite bars and gels, please bring sufficient with you.  There are many individual grocery outlets in the town, and the town is serviced by a large supermarket on its outskirts.

  • Do You Offer Refunds?

    Yes, and our Refund Policy can be found here.

  • Can I Transfer My Booking?

    Yes.  So long as the transferee meets all the pre-requsites and has all the required paperwork (photo ID, insurance, medical insurance etc.)


    Please see our Terms and Conditions here.

  • Are There Any Age Restrictions?

    Yes.  All participants must be over 18.

  • Do I Need Photo ID?

    Yes.  Usually your passport.  A driving licence or other state sanctioned ID is acceptable.

    You´ll need it for the hotel, and also photo ID is often required when making purchases with a credit/debit card.

  • What Are Your Terms and Conditions?

    You can find our current terms and conditions here.


Great cycling holidays, on road or off

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