great cycling holidays on road or off


Great Cycling Holidays

Cool Sierras offers a wide range of "base-centered" or "grand-tour" packages for both On-Road and Off-Road adventure seekers.  Or a complete bespoke, customised experience tailored to you and your groups wishes.  Our goal is to give you a cycling experience that will keep you reliving the moments with your family and friends for years to come.  You can choose to tour Spain's largest natural park, and its most dramatic: or embark on a journey along Spain's network of pilgrims routes to Santiago de Compostella or Caravaca de la Cruz.



Tour of the Cazorla Natural Park  - Road Bike


650km of glorious deserted roads in Spain's greatest national park.  Over 12,000m of climbing, with a queen stage that includes an HC (El Yelmo) and 2 Cat 1 climbs.  (photos)


Tour of the Cazorla Natural Park - Mountain Bike


Mountain Biking through the most extensive and continuous stretch of ancient forest in Spain.  A 300km loop of the Cazorla National Park, stunning and dramatic scenery, solitude and tranquility, quite a bit of climbing and some portage! lots of indelible memories.  (photos)



Camino de Vera Cruz - Mountain Bike


840km "pilgrim" route from Pamplona to Caravaca de la Cruz.  Bonus Material.  Full remission of all your mortal sins in 2017!





Great cycling holidays, on road or off

Journey through Spains greatest natural park.