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Great Mountain Bike Routes in Andalucia - The GR7 2010 - Mountain Bike Trip

After some hardly remembered conversation with Gary (Burgers) about doing a "multi-stage" MTB trip instead of a "base" MTB holiday, I got to thinking.

Europe’s second largest national park is not far away, it’s a stunning place with wild scenery and real sense of remoteness and isolation.  The “Parque Natural de Cazorla, Segura y las Villas” is the source of two major river systems in Spain.  The Guadalquivir travels 657 Km (400 miles) and drains over 58,000 km² of land, passing through Cordoba and Seville as it makes its way to the Atlantic. The Segura travels over 300km, and feeds the “huerta” of Murcia, on its way to the Mediterranean.  The park is a stunning wilderness, from rolling Olive groves to high mountain tundra, passing Pine forests as you climb through the labyrinthine mountain passes. Much better than the sister mountain range the Sierras Nevadas, just a short distance away.  The Nevadas have always struck me as simple boring “hills”, despite their height.  Rivers do that to mountains, make them interesting.  Obviously, there’s loads of ancient caminos and paths through the park, the most trodden and documented is the GR7 (E4).  The GR7 is the Spanish section of the E4, a European long distance footpath over 10,000km.  The GR7 through the park takes in a few lengths of asphalt, and doesn’t have the best, or most interesting way through the park, especially for mountain bikers, but the principle was sound, and the main route gives a good guide to plan deviations better suited to our needs.  So the GR7 it is  We’re starting at a small village called Torres, making our way via Cazorla, to the top of a 2000m peak in a Refugio for a night, and winding on to Los Tolmos via another overnight in some log cabins.  4 days riding through great Spanish countryside.  Hopefully this blogging thing will enable me to update the site and keep anyone that maybe interested, informed.

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Great cycling holidays, on road or off

Journey through Spains greatest natural park.