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Great Mountain Bike Routes in Andalucia - GR7 2010 - Day One - Pick Up

Getting pulled by the Guardia Civil on the way to the airport wasn't a good omen, but the cops were OK. Curious about the Manx plates no doubt. Almeria airport was tiny, there was more room in the trailer! 

Which was a good thing considering the vast amount of luggage everyone brought. Bike bags, huge heavy suitcases and rucksacks. It looked like an assault on the Eiger not 5 blokes riding for a few days. Took a while to load and strap everything down but we finally got under way, quite a sight with 8 big blokes squashed inside a Land Rover. The drive to Torres from Almeria was through fantastic scenary and rolling hills of olive groves stretching to the horizon. Breaking the journey for food at a road side stop was called for. A great introduction to Spanish eating. Calamares, Conejo and Boquerones ( squid, rabbit and sardines - not on the same plate) was great. Torres is an Andalucian "White village" clinging to the rocky outcrops of the mountains and overlooking miles of olive groves, and the hotel sits atop a butress overlooking the town. Luckily no mouth- breathing, beanie-hat-wearing, baggage handlers had dropped the bikes and no one had forgotten anything. 7 bikes built and all looking nice and shiny before they get pummelled. The last few minutes of daylight were spent relaxing and chatting on the veranda, listening to the peaceful tones of a thousand barking dogs and exploding fireworks. A pastime that proved too much for Simons head as his Eskimo blue skin frazzled to "sun dried tomato" within 30 minutes. Can't wait till tomorow.

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Great cycling holidays, on road or off

Journey through Spains greatest natural park.