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Great Cycling Climbs of Andalucia - El Yelmo - The Great Helm

The highest road accessible peak in the park, El Yelmo stands tall with its official summit at 1,809 m. Its final kilometres affording magnificent views across a vast swath of southern Spain.

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Great Cycling Climbs of Andalucia - Iznatoraf - The Eternal Lookout

A pleasant and picturesque little climb that seems to be mostly ignored by any form of traffic.

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Great Cycling Climbs of Andalucia - Despiernas Caballos - The Lame Horses

Despernar: "to cut or wound ones legs".  Not entirely sure my translation is sound, but its close enough! I love the colloquialisms given to local features and trails. This climb Despiernas Caballos - lame horses" is another colourful title to a beautiful and serene climb.

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Great Cycling Climbs of Andalucia - Hornos to Pontones

A wide open "alpine" climb with panoramic views its entire length, if you can take your eyes off your front wheel long enough...

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Great Cycling Climbs of Andalucia - Agua de los Perros - The Water Dogs

The "shits of death"... Not a very auspicious name to start such a great climb, but a decent enough warning of whats ahead in any event.

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Great Cycling Climbs of Andalucia - Sierra de la Pandera

Distance: 130k

Total Ascent: 3,684m

The urge to get another peak under my belt, and do some new route finding was getting stronger. I'd not bagged a peak since the Angliru and was aware that summer was drawing to a close, and the days getting shorter. 

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Passo di Mortirolo

"Its a terrible climb... It´s perfect for a mountain bike.  On the hardest parts, I was riding a 39 x 27 and I was hurting, really hurting.  The Mortirolo is the hardest climb I´ve ever ridden.  My time up the climb?  It's not important...." (Lance Armstrong - 2004).

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Great Cycling Climbs of Andalucia - The Pico de Veleta

The Pico de Veleta sits at the very western tip of the Sierra Nevada, looming over the citadel of Granada. The Veleta rarely gets any credit, its the "Camilla" of mountain climbs.

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Great cycling holidays, on road or off

Journey through Spains greatest natural park.