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Camino de Santiago 2007 Part IV - Resurrection Sunday

Camino de Santiago 2007 Part IV - Resurrection Sunday

Beautiful City

Miracle!  A bike-hire shop, open, on a Sunday, we couldn’t believe it!  Cordoba, we love you!

In despair we searched for solace.  We´d been guided to a small grotto near the Mezquita that was reported to hold the grail of our search, a bike repair shop.  A somewhat phallic beacon above this small nave led the way to what was an understated place that catered for hire-bikes for tourists.  And at last, the fact that this was a major tourist city, on a packed tourist weekend, worked in our favour; he was open!




The guy at Solo Bicis was a STAR!!   Very helpful, understanding, friendly.  He went out of his way to make sure we were fully operational again.  A new mech on the IF; sorted Jono’s saddle, and lubed and serviced the bikes.





Oh! Kaloo Kalay!  The workshop was conveniently located next to a great café that had bang-on coffee and pastries.  We whiled away the repair time carbo-loading and mulling over the last few days and our options for the next.   Feeling good, sun on our faces, we decided that we’d rest in Cordoba and retrace our steps on the Monday, riding a missed off-road section of the Camino back to Castro del Rio, and returning to Cordoba.  We'd not recover all our ground lost to the road tow, but we'd manage a long section of open countryside and sweeping wheat fields in glorious sunshine....



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Great cycling holidays, on road or off

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