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Camino de Santiago 2007 Part III - Low Saturday

Camino de Santiago 2007 Part III - Low Saturday

Cordoba - a welcome sight

We awoke to find Emu’s peering at us from a hill top compound.  We must have bivouacked near Baena’s “roundabout zoo”.  

We broke our fast in pensive silence at a small bar with toast, tomato and several cups of coffee, mulling over our options.  Drastically short on mileage, we knew that we couldn’t meet our target of Merida (where the Camino de Mozarabe meets the Camino de Plata..and on to Compostela) and the chances of a replacement mech between here and Cordoba were nil.  Only vast empty expanses between small farming towns that are sleepy at their most hectic stood between here and Cordoba.




Having bodged a fixed gear, I could ride, but would be very slow.  And our only slim hope of a fix was 70k away in Cordoba.  Using guy rope from the bivvy bag we bodged a towing system and set-off on the road section, despondent.  It got worse.  Jono´s saddle had caught the mood and given up in despair.  One of the rails had snapped, offering no support and sapping vital horse-power from the starboard engine.  It also imparted a weirdly hypnotic sashay to the incumbent occupant...

Jono did most of the pulling, his affable nature lifting spirits but nothing could make this better, we’d failed.  We didn’t chat much.  It was a hard, depressing, slog, and the hotel in Cordoba was a welcome sight.




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